The Bride

She is complete and entire, lacking nothing. Her desires are aligned with her Husbands, and she seeks his pleasure. She is most charitable, loving, kind, gentle, easy to be entreated, and works diligently. She hopes for and pursues peace. She abides in her Husband and his sayings abide in her. She is his extension, his arm. When she is strong, it is for his benefit. When she is weak, it is for his benefit.

Only in Christ are we justified through faith.  We may not have had all of the correct teaching to ensure a perfect life in this world.  Our teachers and fathers may not have looked to God to guide and teach us. They may have gotten lost, or worse, refused to listen and obey God. He says that He tells them and guides them, but that they don’t listen. And we are the benefactors of their actions. This may be a generational problem that needs us to go to the throne of grace for help and  the grace and help in our time of need. They may have been given the wrong teachings themselves, and thought that these well learned men, although with some were good intentions, were led into the perverting of the Gospel of Christ, therefore putting a stumbling block in our way. Some were called to be faithful, and with the best intentions, worked diligently to be who they thought they were supposed to be in this world, and to do those things which they thought were right. But many have changed the Word of God into a lie, and do not the Truth.

So what if your husband is one that seems to know a lot about God, and has many of the fruits of the Spirit, but when put to the test, fails? What if our Husband denies the truth when we present it to him? What if he begins a dialogue of his amazing knowledge and how we are wrong about everything, and starts to rail on us? And what if while this is happening, we are seeking God? We are told that we are to succour them, to restore such an one in meekness. What if we can’t? What if we don’t have the necessary experience and training. What if we also deny Christ, and fulfil our own lust of the flesh by defending ourselves? By yelling, and slamming doors, by throwing our weight around? Isn’t that the most natural thing to do? Of course it is! Isn’t that what the world tells us to do? What if the pain gets so bad that there seems to be nothing we can do right? What if we lose all hope and are filled with anger and fear all of the time? What is our sorrow overwhelms us to the point where we seek no longer to fulfil our oath, but to be saved from the wretchedness and evil?

That is where God comes in. He is our only Salvation.

We are to go to God for His guidance and truth.

We must first seek the Lord and His Righteousness. He will wash us and cleanse us by the washing of the water of His Word, that we may be blameless, without spot or wrinkle.

We may find ourselves going through trials and tribulations that lead us to question the very things that have shaped our lives. But take heart, this is not the end. That the trial of your faith may produce in you the hope of Salvation, making you that you would be able to do the things that you indeed wanted to do from the very beginning. And even then, you may not be approved of by your loved ones, but if you have the approval of God, it is He that will keep you and be your Husband.

And the Holy Scriptures, do they not teach us this also?

There are many teachers who have made this known in our Bible. We need only to look to God, who is faithful and just to teach us and transform us so that we might be what and who God intends. To understand the truth and to mortify the deeds of the flesh, that we might be filled with His righteousness and hope in God. That we should know God and His ways.

Let us therefore be faithful and put our hope and trust in God.

In Psalm 119, we read the account of one who knew that he was in need of God, in all things. He teaches us through the Scripture of those things that intend to keep us from doing all that God has taught us to do, but that in humble prayer and worship, we might come to God continually for to understand and follow Him. To walk not as other men, in the vanity of their own minds, but in the constant fellowship with God, loving Him above all else.

Is there any that shall understand these things, and make them known? God is searching the reins and intents of the hearts. Shall a man/woman/child put his trust in God, who is a just God and knows all things? Have you sought Him with all your heart? Do you know how to do this?Are you distracted by the things of this life, the business of this life? What is your life, but a vapour? Is not our very existence determined by God. How can we be sure what it is that He wants us to do?

Only God has the answers. He made you to be inhabited. He did not call you in vain. If you believe God, and His truth, then you are indeed justified by Him, and washed by His Word.

beauty for ashes

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