Walk in the Spirit

My desire is this, that all men should come to the truth. That the love of God would be in them, and that they would walk in the truth. Not speaking their own words, but in consecration unto God, in holiness, might be able to grasp what is the height, and the depth, and the breadth of the love which he has toward all those that believe. I have not written these words to condemn you, but beloved, I warn you. Do not walk as other men, in the vanity of their minds. Quit ye as men. Be strong. For hath not God made the things of this world come to nought? Be ye as little children and receive the word in meekness. Love not the world, neither the things of the world, for your life is in Christ. Seek those things which are above, and not beneath. Be not afraid of men. For what is your life, but a vapour that passeth away. But if you love, then this which God has created in you shall live, and you shall abide forever. If the words of Christ shall abide in you, you shall live, but if you seek to bite and devour one another, how shall the love of God dwell in you? Put away therefore all malice, and envyings, and strife. And walk as children of light, that ye may not stumble, but that you might comprehend the love of God and His saints. Put away lying and speak truth to your neighbour. Let not wrath be in you, but as dear children, grow up in Him in love. Have fervent charity among yourselves, for with it, shall ye cover a multitude of sins. Be piteous, be courteous, and the love of God shall abound yet more and more as ye see see the day approaching. And the God of truth shall be with you, and be in you more and more. And you shall see him face to face. Turn thou now to him who is the author and finisher of our faith, that we might all come to the knowledge of Him that is true, and turn from idols, to the living God, which is in all meekness and sincerity of the truth. Having your loins girt about with truth, that you may grow up into him, which is the head.

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