Ephesians: Passion for?

Reading and listening to the Word of God are some of the most treasured times  throughout each day. I marvel at how God speaks it into me and reveals himself, his judgements, and his desires at the same time. 

Lately, one of the teachings he has had for me, has been given to me by reading Ephesians. I would not be so bold as to read this on my own, as I am nothing by myself. But in Christ I can do all things. I also listen to it. I have a bible app on my android that I listen to while I’m waking up, and sometimes throughout the day. He gives me his Word each time I ask, whenever I ask. For I lean not on my own understanding, but committing all things to him, to find him, to see his thoughts, to gain Salvation through his Word. I rest in the knowledge that he is my saviour and my God. Verses quite often show up on my phone,  just in the nick of time, and he directs my paths. He is my light.

Today, I search again the hidden things that are given to his prophets and apostles. And I again glory in Christ and in his unsearchable riches. 

I look at Ephesians now, this moment and wonder, it seems this indeed is one of the fundamentals of the christian life, especially for the church, the family, the husband and wife relationship. Maybe I knew this all along, but seeing the definition and meaning of Ephesus, I am even now more convinced. It is his desire that we be conformed to his image. That we walk circumspectly and put off the old man, which is corrupt, according to the passions and lusts of sin, the desire that sin has over us, to rule us, and how through walking in the Spirit, and by the word of our testimony, we might wrestle against them and be free in Christ. That we might give Jesus dominion, and not the other. That we might be a sweet smelling savour to God, even as Jesus, who went before us.

What is Ephesus? Definition and meaning:EPHESUS ef’-e-sus (Ephesos, ‘desirable’)


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